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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Medici Diamonds - book two

I've been quite busy these last few days. Only yesterday, I was cleaning up my attic room (we converted the attic into a spacious room, where I once slept, had a sitting corner to entertain friends and alo a work station) and by doing so, came across a bunch of old writings.

When I was a girl of 15-16 years old, I used to scribble into blue backed notebooks. The first ones were filled with short stories, but the older I got the more elaborate they became. Now I found 4 notebooks, filled with the story of one Julie Mercourt - inspired by the novels of Juliette Benzoni - which is set in the early stages of the 19th century....

Can you guess? It would be excellent fodder for the second installment of The Medici Diamonds, which is equally set in this period. I can't use every idea of these notebooks, but in it are great finds to turns in the plot. It will take some work, but now I'm sure this can become as good a story of Diamonds for the Devil.

Julie is a child of her time, forced into adventure beyond her will but of course she'll do everything she can to survive her dire circumstances.

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