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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Love reading: A Falcon for a Queen (Catherine Gaskin)

This is pure nostalgia! I don't know how many times I've read this wonderful tale of love and hate when I was much younger... But then at a given time, the book was not any more available in the local library. I now discovered it on Amazon Kindle and finally, after 30-35 years I was able to make back the trip to the Scottish Highlands.

Kirsty Howard, recently orphaned, leaves China where her father preached and travels to Scotland, to the house of her grandfather, Angus McDonald. The reason for this trip is she has received a letter from her dying brother, in which some words are penned in Mandarin: She has killed...

Nobody at Cluain seems to want Kirsty there. She gets a room, albeith reluctanly. And right from the first day, the housekeeper Mairi Sinclair, makes clear she doesn't want her presence. Also her grandfather deeply regrets the fact she is no younger brother of William who died in a tragic accident. Only the housemaid, Morag, is a little more welcoming.

But Kirsty get interested in the making of whisky and soon finds her place at Cluain. She meets the owner of the neighboring estate, Sir Gavin Campbell (soon to be Marquis of Rossmuir), his beautiful wife Margaret  and their son Jamie, but also Callum Sinclair, Mari's son. And he too makes obvious he doesn't want her love.

This is a tale like they don't write them anymore. The characters are well-worked out and you get to really know them. It is fulll of underlying tensions and threats.

I was barely able to put the book down!

Monday, April 18, 2016

The Black Coach to be published by February 2017

The contract is signed and my publisher sets the publication date of this my latest novel by February 2017.

I may expect to hear from the editor soon and also the cover artists will start work on the creation of the cover. Always thrilling, I find! How will it look? Does it capture the character of the story?

As soon as I get an imagine I'll post it here.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Contract signed

Today, I signed the contract for my latest novel, The Black Coach. The manuscript will now go to the editor and the cover image will be created by the cover artists. As soon as I have more to tell about this publication, I'll post the info.