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Friday, January 9, 2015

Love reading: Brother Cadfael series (Ellis Peeters)

These days, I'm re-reading my series of Cadfael novels (twenty in total). The late Ellis Peeters has created a wonderful character in the person of Cadfael, the crusader who turned into monk.

Cadfael has lived a full life before he joined the cloister, so he knows what's for sale in the world. This ability comes in handy for him when he is confronted with deaths galore. His investigations are very helpful to the sheriff and to his deputy, Hugh Beringar.

But what I like most about these novels, is the intertwining love-story in each plot. And also how Cadfael fares with his helpers (he is responsible for the herb garden and makes all sorts of salves and drinks to make people better).

I find these books are an ideal read when you're on a trip. They read very fluently and don't have too many pages.

In the course of the series, Cadfael will meet a young man - who turns out to be his son. In the last novel he'll have to choose between this son and his vows to the church.

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