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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Haversham Legacy

Love and hate, honor and treason, courage and cowardice in 17th century England...

The sudden marriage of the Marquis of Haversham ignites a series of events. The marquis is murdered,his wife and daughter suffer an accident. The marchioness is dead, but where is baby Justine?

Young Nigel Denby is the only one who can name the culprit of these faul deeds. However, he has to flee the country on the accusation of high treason, masterminded by the one has threatens to expose. He swears revenge on the man who did this.

Years later, Denby is member of a crew of pirates, wreaking havoc in the Caribbean. When they capture an English merchant vessel, they meet a highwayman and his young son. Jack was on his way to America to escape the gallows and he is of use to the captain of the pirate ship.

Nigel soon finds out these men are from his parts in England and they also knew the Marquis of Haversham. He agrees with Jack on a plan to trick the murderer into confession.

Little does he know that his mysterious companions have secrets of their own...

This is really a story I loved to write! It has all a true adventure story needs: a lot of action, romance and a fitting end.

It was published by Rogue Phoenix Press in 2009, and is available from this publisher and from Amazon in print and e-book.

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