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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Face In The Mirror and Other Stories

A collection of short stories, a mix between romance and (light) horror. Face In The Mirror & Other Stories is just the right read for when the days get longer, mist drifts in and you can believe there is magic in the air.

The first in the collection is Face in the Mirror. This is the story of Rickie, a sixteen-year-old runaway who wants to esacpe violence by the hands of her stepfather. She runs off to London, lives wild for some time and finally finds shelter in an abandoned house. But is she really alone there? This s tory has of course a happy ending and has lots of romance with the requisite bit of magic woven into it.

The following story, Rivers of Mist, is darker and not so nice.

Then comes another story of romance, followed by a horror story. It continues this way until the end.

The two last stories are two versions of The Black Coach - a tale of a black coach driven by the devil himself. I've taken this tale to create a new novel, on which I am currently working.

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