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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Review 3: Maria Gonzalez

February 2009: LeeAan, reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More
                         Rating: 4 coffee cups

Maria Gonzalez thought life for her was going to be simple: marry, fall in love, and have children. But sometimes life has other plans.

Michael Fenwick thought this was going to be a simple raiding party. How could he ever have guessed that the mysterious blond on board the ship he was capturing would capture him instead?

Maria stumbles through life until she finally lands in the arms of her true love. But this stumble takes her through many adventures, loves, and deaths. But how could she have ever known that Michael Fenwick would be the man that would capture her and her heart forever?

The main character Maria has more misadventures in this book than any other character I have ever read. It was such a wonderful surprise to have a character written with this much strength and understanding. This story is such a wonderful blend of pit falls and triumphs.

Maria Gonzalez is a wonderfully written book, with a really remarkable main character who no matter the situation continues to fight on.

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