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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Review 1 : Maria Gonzalez

Janurary 2011: Christina St. Clair for Angel Eyes’ Reviews
                         Rating: 3 angel eyes
Maria Gonzalez is a woman who has lived a long rich life. From the prologue we learn this Flemish born woman went to Spain, married a handsome soldier, moved with his regiment to New Spain, was kidnapped by Aztec Indians, and somehow ends up an old lady, now a noblewoman in Cornwall, with a maid called Tetla.

There are many interesting historical facts in the novel which appears to have been well-researched. It took a while for me to become engaged with the story, but by page 32, I found myself interested in the Aztec way of life within the hidden city of Tenochtitlàn. Here we meet the woman, Tetla, who becomes Maria's maid in England.

Adventure and dangerous escapes propel the story along. 

I commend the author on her interesting details, her exciting plot, and the character, Maria Gonzalez, who seemed quite real. 

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