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Friday, June 19, 2015

Summer contest - entries until September 30th

If you want to stand a chance to win a free paperback copy of either Maria Gonzalez or The Haversham Legacy, here's how:

Answer five questions about The Medici Diamonds - Diamonds for the Devil. (If you haven't read the novel, hurry up and get your copy, at the publisher's website or Amazon) and send your answers to the following email address before the evening of September 30th, 2015.

Note: you need to read the novel, otherwise you won't find the answers....  Here goes:

1) What's the name (first name + family name) of Margot's cousin Chantale's husband?

2) What's the name of the pub where the gang of streetrobbers meets?

3) Margot has two maids. The first one dies, but who's the other?

4) What is the title Anthony will get, once his grandfather dies?

5) What are the names of the two thieves who first 'find' the diamond necklace?

Answers go to this email: nickiefleming@hotmail.com  Provide your name and address, and a mail address where you can be reached. The winner will be notified by mail and the book will be send to your address by post.

Good luck!

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