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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Love reading: Three Dog Night (Elsebeth Egholm)

After having watched the tv-series 'Dicte' - based on the novels of the above mentioned author - I was curious to find out more about her and her writing.

Unfortunately I don't speak Danish (I can understand some of it, though, having taken a two-year course of Swedish when I was about 24) so I definitely should not try to read those books in that language.

A pity, because there is not yet an English translation of the Dicte books. Here (Bene)Dicte is introduced, a women of around 40 who is a journalist in the town of Aarhus. She's newly divorced and has a daughter, Rose. But years ago she also gave birth to a son, whom she had to give up for adoption because her parents were Jehova's Witnesses.

Now Elsebeth Egholm has begun a series of novels featuring Dicte's son Peter. There are already two books, and better still, they have English versions! Peter Boutrup is an ex-convict. If you have seen (or read) the Dicte series, you know he only confessed to shooting down an intruder to protect his then girlfriend My. You also learn he has spent his early childhood in a care home with a cruel guardian. Yet he is a man who values honesty and will not use violence when not necessary.

After having been released from prison - and shortly met his mother and sister - Peter wants to start a new life. He buys a house on a cliff and works as a carpenter. When he is walking his dog on New Year's Day, he finds a body down the foot of the cliff. And - he knows the victim. He also meets his new neighbor, Felix Gomez. Felix is the sole survivor of a helicopter accident in which her husband and little daughter were killed.

You can already figure out that Peter and Felix will be the center of the investigation. The police officers - Mark Bille being the local police chief - have many clues, but it's Peter who manages to link everything together.

This was an excellent read and I'm gonna start on the second book pretty soon.

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