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Friday, November 14, 2014

When reading a novel...

do you also like the fact you're familiar with the places described in some of the scenes?

Right now, while reading the latest Peter Robinson - Abattoir Blues (the 22nd Inspector Banks thriller) - I can view some of the places Banks goes in my mind. You see, these novels are set in Yorkshire, and just a while ago my sister and I visited there.

When Banks goes to Pizza Express near the Corn Exchange in Lees, I know where it is. I also know Granary Wharf, where one of the suspects has his office. Our hotel in Leeds was at Granary Row.

Also, there is a Scottish TV series with a coroner in the headrole, set in Edinburgh. Whenever he walks through the streets, I can walk along, just like I did last year in July.

I have this thing about places I've read about in a novel. When I read one where the scene was set in Newport, Rhode Island, we went there the next summer. Just the same with Hyannis. This also figured in another book.

How about you? What are your experiences with novels, places and characters in it?

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