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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Slowly getting into the mood again

The trip to Krakow appeared to have a positive influence. I came home, feeling the urge to write once more.

So today I picked up where I left with the sequel to Diamonds for the Devil and already got some pages further into the story. For this first part of the novel, I can use material I wrote when I was 18 and pretending to sit down to study for my uni exams (!) My mother never knew I put empty pages of paper between my books and scriblled them full using my fantasy. The story I fabricated then was called 'Julie Mercourt' and now she will be the heroine of the new novel (working title: Curse of the Diamonds).

Julie will go through many an adventure before she takes off to Paris, where she'll meet Josephine de Beauharnais, first wife of Napoleon. From then on I'll have to think of a suitable continuation of the plot, but it must include a meeting with the heir of the Shrevenports, who took up the leading roles in the first book about the Medici Diamonds. And some mystery, lots of action & adventure, and not to forget romance.

I hope I can now finish this book and later on continue writing on the Phantom of the Opera one, or my time-shifting try-out.

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