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Monday, March 14, 2016

Working on a new novel

Now that the manuscript of The Black Coach is off to the publisher, I have time (and the willingness) to begin a new novel.

Lately, I'm very much interested in gothic romance, so the new book will be along that line too. The working title will be The House (subject to change). I've more or less a plot line developed, but I don't want to plan too much.

I cannot work that way. I always start with just an idea, and then let it grow while writing. When the flow is right, the book almost writes itself, I've often found.

Loosely, the story will be about a young (American) woman who marries an English gentleman who takes her to his home in Cornwall. There, at his mansion, all kind of strange things happen, and it's up to the heroine to find out what.

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