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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Love reading: The Glass Guardian (Linda Gillard)

Recently, I read a book which I just loved! It's a novel by Linda Gillard, and it's titled The Glass Guardian.

The novel tells the story of RuthTravers, a 40-ish woman who comes to the isle of Skye (Scotland) because her aunt Janet has died. Just before that, Ruth's father and her boyfriends passed away as well.

The loneliness of the place and the house she inherited suit Ruth just fine. She wants to be alone to deal with her grief. But sometimes she feels so abandoned... It's then she thinks back to Heckie, her former playmate.

Heckie (Hector) is not a boy, though, but a grown man of 35. And now Ruth realizes he's not alive either, but a ghost - as Hector Munro died in 1915 during the Great War. Although she doesn't believe in ghost, she's now talking to one - and starting to like him (it) more and more.

While staying at Skye, Ruth gets a message from a Canadian musician and professor. This (Athel)Stan is very interested in her aunt's music (she was a composer) and wants to do a piece about her. He proposes he comes to Scotland to find out more.

'The Glass Guardian' is a beautiful love-story. You must't even believe in ghosts to get into the action. (I do now, as I've seen a ghost myself lately, yet not spoken to him.)

Hector (the ghost) has lost the love of his life during the war and now he desperately wants to find out what happened to his beloved. He knows she was with child, but doesn't know what happened afterwards. Frieda was half-German and she probably changed her name when she moved away from Scotland.

I can recommend this novel!

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