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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Love reading: The Lincoln Myth (Steve Berry)

I've always been a fan of Steve Berry's books. Since I accidentally bought The Romanov Prophesy, I was hooked.C

When all of Berry's books are great reads, I especially like those which feature Cotton Malone. Cotton used to work for a special branch of the secret services, but now he runs a bookstore in Copenhagen, Denmark. He's divorced and has one son.

His former boss, Stephanie Nelle, however occasionally calls upon his services and these bring him all along the world into dangerous situations.

The strenght of Berry's novels is his thorough research. He always visits the places he writes about, together with his wife Elizabeth. Often his works deal with a secret or lost item from centuries past.

In his previous book, Malone has to investigate the myth around Queen Elizabeth the First of England. Stories go that Elizabeth was a man, dressed as woman, and it's up to Malone to prove this right. Well, Berry could be right. Queen Elizabeth never married and acted more like a man than as a frail woman.

In his new novel, Malone is called upon again. This time he has to find documents, secreted away by President Lincoln. The storyline deals with the big question if the 50 states of the US have the right to be independent again. Apparently a document, signed by the Founding Fathers, exists to prove this to be the truth. A fanatic Mormon wants to find the document too, because he sees a future for a new state (which is now Utah).

These are the kind of books that keep me glued to my chair as I read on to find out how everything comes together. They're a great read!

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