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Monday, June 9, 2014

Review: Sapphire Angel *****

I must admit I'm not too fond of vampire stories. I once read Anne Rice's but they got pretty boring to me. Always the same: vampire needs blood to survive and you guess what's happening next.

But to my surprise Aussie author Khloe Wren manages to write a vampire story with flair. You're instantly into the narration, when you meet Darcy. She is a young woman, who's out of work and has quit her relationship with a guy who turns out to be a real loser.

While out drinking in a bar, she meet Angelo. What she doesn't know is that Angelo is a real vampire! And what's more, he's looking for his Eternal Bride. Because vampire can love a single woman, and once they are united with her, they remain faithful all of their life.

Darcy slowly falls for Angelo, but when things are getting cosy between them, she is kidnapped by his enemies. They are a race that hunts vampires and takes away their brides. From now on it's open war between Angelo and the rest.

Khloe Wren writes with panache and the story moves fast forward. Some scenes are pretty spicy but never too much. I really loved reading this book and I think this will be a novel that can attract lots of readers.

My evaluation: 5 stars

A sample of the novel

“Who do we have here?

Angelo quietly muttered in his native Italian under his breath. He'd been sitting at this di moda bar called Frost Bites for a couple of hours now, trying to drown his sorrows. He'd spent the last seventy-five years travelling the globe, searching for the one thing missing from his life. A vampire would never be able to settle or find any peace until he found his Sposa Eterna, his Eternal Bride. Angelo had been beginning to think he was destined to not find his, until his travels had led him to South Yarra in Victoria, Australia.

He'd carefully selected a table in a back corner where it was dark enough he could watch everyone coming and going in peace. He had a drink in front of him, a fancy icy beverage. As a vampire, the alcohol had little effect on him, but he could appreciate the sweetness of the novelty drink. Behind the bar they had a series of slushy machines - dozens of frozen cocktails ready to go. The bar was busy tonight, it had been a hot day in Melbourne and no doubt, everyone was now searching for a way to cool down before heading home.

He continued to watch the bella piccola cosa that had just walked up to the bar. He hadn't been able to see her eyes yet but her naturally blond straight hair casually hung down to the small of her back. From the side he could see her high cheekbone and her perfectly straight nose. She was smiling, her naturally light pink lips curled up at the side. His body came to life as he watched her but he needed to be sure before he made his move. Once their eyes connected, he’d be sure it was her, in addition he also needed to check her age. The fact Australian laws allowed alcohol to be drunk at the age of eighteen didn’t help him in guessing her age. She didn't look like she was much over twenty. An Eternal Bride could not be claimed until her twenty-third birthday.

She chatted happily with one of the staff behind the bar. He focused his hearing, tuning out all the other voices until he only heard hers and the female bar tender.

"So which one will it be tonight?"

"Love Potion Number Nine. It's my twenty-first birthday tomorrow and I want someone to help me celebrate it!"

"Generally speaking, you try to give the other person the love potion, you know?"

The bar tender chuckled as she turned around to get the drink.

Dannazione. If she was his, he would have to stand back and guard her for the next two years before he could claim her. She couldn't meet him until after her twenty-third birthday, if she did, his enemies would be alerted to her presence. If the Nobles were to find her, they would try to ‘save’ her from him. Holding her hostage then using her as bait. There was no way a vampire would leave his Eternal Bride to be held captive, and in his effort to rescue her, he would surely be killed like so many before him had been.

He watched as she spun around to survey the bar while she sipped at her red drink. The flavored liquid wasn't quite as red as blood but still, the sight of her drinking the red beverage left him sweating with need for her. He forced his gaze from her mouth up to her eyes and froze. He'd finally found her. La sua Sposa Eterna. Her clear sapphire blue irises shone brightly under the bar's lights.

Angelo settled back into his seat and watched his Bride move around the bar, chatting to various people. She obviously came here often as she knew a lot of the patrons. He sat up straighter as a man approached her and wrapped an arm around her waist. She leaned back into him and giggled. Angelo’s nostrils flared as he fought the urge to bear his fangs. Using every ounce of his self-control, he white knuckled the table in an attempt to contain his rage - it was that or he’d fly across the room and kill the human who dared touch his Bride. He took deep breathes to help calm himself and caught the male’s scent. Filled with lust and greed, he had no real feelings for her. He was not a threat. Angelo relaxed a little and continued to watch.

As she prepared to leave at the end of the night, that lustful male made another pass at her. Angelo's entire being was tense with fury as she agreed to go on a date with him. After she left the bar, he discreetly followed her. He needed to know where she lived so he could find her again and guard her. It would take time to find someone he could trust to handle the duty during the day, but at night, he would make sure she was always safe.

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